FAQs Weddings

Is there a wedding planner that helps me organize the entire event?
Yes, there is a Wedding Planner, Carmo Tenreiro, accredited by Vogue España and owner of the Quinta, which will help you to plan all the details. This Wedding Planner service is included and the objective is to assist you with all the preparation, as well as being present on the day of the event to ensure that everything goes as expected and planned.
What are the available venues to hold the banquet?
There are several indoor and outdoor spaces, our philosophy is to create unique and fully personalized events. Our fiancés have to feel at home identifying themselves totally with the space they choose. The Quinta offers this versatility not only due to the diversity of spaces designed in detail to ensure unique celebrations but also due to the ample outdoor space that can be used according to the wishes of the bride and groom. The maximum capacity of the banquet hall is 250 people.
What are the available venues to hold the ceremony?
Into the Woods (Pérgula or Abrigo do Bosque), gardens, cellar, cellar street, the Lagares room, among others. Contact us to find out which venues are the most suitable one for your ceremony.

What is the composition of the menus?
Our kitchen team at Cantinho dos Sabores can cook several menus that can be adapted to the bride and groom's expectations. If the wedding takes place at the Banquet Hall, the renowned Portuguese Chef, Vítor Sobral, created a gourmet menu inspired by Portugal's traditional flavours and recipes.   
What is included when the wedding is organized at the Quinta?
Planning a wedding at our Quinta includes decoration, service, venue rental and the cut of the cake with sparkling wine for a toast. The bride and groom, as well as their guests, have access to special prices and offers to book accommodation. 

Which are the wedding costs?
The wedding costs include the cocktail reception, wedding reception menu and bar service, all of which have different options. The remaining details such as celebrant, music, additional decoration can be organized either by the Quinta or by the bride and groom. 

Is it necessary to pay a deposit in advance?
After deciding on the date of the event it is necessary to pay a deposit to secure your booking of venue and accommodation. This value is non-refundable. 

Is there a time limit for the party?
The duration of the party depends on the location chosen. Weddings that take place Banquet Saloon can last up to 10 hours, if you choose Cantinho dos Sabores the service can go up to 8h. 
What furniture, decoration or lighting is included?
All the interior spaces have been thought out in detail and include basic decoration and lighting that, by themselves, make the venues very special.
The outdoor spaces, and especially in the woods, are already magic with the surrounding nature so usually, it does not require great additions. 
Are the flowers included?
There is a basic floral decoration included, more specific requests are budgeted individually. Contact us for more information.
Is there a music / DJ service?
We do not have our own DJ or music service, but we can recommend a partnership in which we fully trust to offer you a rock party (This service starts from €500).

Is it mandatory to privatize the space?
No, but the experience will be much more exclusive with the hotel reservation. It will be the equivalent of having a two-day party.
Do you offer post-wedding services?
Yes, we suggest having a late brunch or barbeque the day after the wedding.
Do you offer other complementary services?
We can organize a dinner the day before, guests transfer service, activities such as walks in the woods, among others. Contact us for more information.
Does the graphic design of the menus, table organization, and printing of the materials have an additional cost?
Each request received an individual proposal.